Nowadays watching 3D films is a new fad. Well, with the course of time, technologies keep on changing and so does cinema. With the latest advancements in the field of cinema technologies, our Bollywood films seem to have entered in a whole new world of 3D. In fact, the inclusion of 3D has almost certainly has become a standardised norm in our Bollywood and it’s catching up on the new trend pretty fast.

Whenever it comes to enjoying movies, every moviegoer would love to indulge in an immersive cinematic experience with zero compromise. And 3D movies are amazing to help indulge in the same. But hang on! Now watching a 3D flick is not merely limited to eye-popping entertainment but rather it could make you smarter!

To your surprise, a research published in a Daily Mail by a neuroscientist Dr Patrick Fagan from Goldsmiths University in London claims that watching 3D films can exercise the brain and also help progress cognitive skills as well as improves short-term functioning.

The research was conducted at Vue Piccadilly in London where more than 100 people took part. The research found out that those who watched a 3D movie had improved their cognitive skills than those who watched it in 2D. This experiment involved reaction times, cognitive functions and memory. The participants who had watched 3D movie experienced around a 23 per cent boost in their cognitive processing as well as 11 per cent lift in their reacting times.

The 3D films can give stunningly effective movie experience and spark the senses whilst giving emotional arousal, which in turn makes the brain run faster and smarter. Now that the 3D films come with a whole lot of benefits, why not watch them in absolutely amazing effects. Yes! Here you go. A brand-new Rajhans Cinemas has recently been launched at Nikol in Ahmedabad to provide moviegoers an amazing movie experience.

Rajhans Cinemas boasts of providing immersive and luxurious cinema experience to the moviegoers across Gujarat at Ahmedabad ,Surat, Baroda, Nadiad, Valsad and Navsari to name a few. And to more, the Rajhans Cinemas is already carrying out its expansion plans in Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata just to give a robust kick-start to its vision to open more cinemas chains PAN-India. Rajhans Cinemas is committed to provide extremely modern entertainment services with good value for money. It offers hassle-free ticket booking, ideal seating arrangements complete with added capacity, high-definition screens and pin sharp surround sound and amazing 3D effects to help feel every heartbeat; all in magnificently-themed ambience just to allow immersive cinematic experience. To book your tickets at your nearest Rajhans Cinemas, log in

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