In the span of forty years since the original “Star Wars” movie premiered, the franchise has become favourite one across the globe. In fact, the Star Wars saga can be termed as one of the biggest film franchises of all time. The eighth instalment titled, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is yet another highly-anticipated movie which will be hitting the screen on 15th December. While we are eagerly waiting for the big release and the return of Luke Skywalker who trains Rey to fight his disciple Ben Solo, here we have some exclusive facts about the cast, movie and its director.

  • Rian Johnson, the director of The Last Jedi has his personal camera wrapped around his neck and kept on snappinganything found interesting on the whole set. He also signed his name on the Millennium Falcon and captured that memorable moment.
  • The director Rian Johnson played a cameo in ‘ Rogue One’: A Star Wars Story’ as an Imperial gunnery technician.
  • Rick Heinrichs, an Academy Award winner was responsible for designing the entire environment for The Last Jedi. Various backlots and stages at Longcross Studios, Pinewood and other locations i.e Croatia, Dubrovnik and the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland were utilised to erect the Star Wards scenario.
  • Before the production, Rick Heinrichs, the production designer indulged himself in the wonderful library of visual reference at the Skywalker Ranch. He then, created an enormous library of visual reference to share with the team so as to respect the original aesthetic designed by George Lucas.
  • The Jedi village was to be built on the west coast of Ireland, but because of safety reason and some filming constraints, it was built on the Pinewood Backlot. When the shots have been successfully completed at the Pinewood, the whole set was shifted on the cliff in Ireland.
  • The costumes for the Canto Bight Casino scenes were created by Michale Kaplan and his team. More than hundred costumes were made, differing from one another. The costume designing team used the materials sourced from London to Florence and from New York to LA .
  • Scanlan and his team created Porgs, which dwell on Ahch-To; the lone island and a home of Luke Skywalker. The Porgs, became so much favourite among the cast that everyone was willing to take one home. The Porg is a mixture of a baby seal, owl and a puffin.

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