After waiting over a decade for the ‘Incredibles’ sequel, fans will be excited to see the incredibles in action again. This highly-anticipated movie will likely break its previous records with its staggering buzz worldwide.

The ‘Incredibles 2’ follows Helen (Holly Hunter) who will ready up for a mission to safeguard the reputation of the Supers, while Bob (Craig T. Nelson) remains at home to navigate life there with their three children. His part will become trickier once baby Jack-Jack’s (Eli Fucile) amazing powers are brought to light.

Even if you’re an “Incredibles” expert or a new aficionado, there are quite a many things you might not know about this wonderful movie.

  • The film-makers of the ‘Incredibles’ franchise studied toddlers and infants to capture Jack-Jack’s movement.
  • Awesome advancement in technology enabled film-makers to produce their original character designs, that means every character in this movie has been upgraded, beyond surprise!
  • Usually, it’s quite daunting to keep up with three kids, especially when the kid has attained superpowers. Bob knows this very well, so the film-makers decided to create his personalised attires so as to reflect his mood, as real as possible. The more tired he becomes, the more beige and gray he wears and simultaneously, the more energy he receives, the brighter his attires become!
  • It was quite challenging to create a character who emits lava appealing, so write-director Brad Bird decided to be encouraged by frog for design inspiration.
    Billionaire businessman Winston Deavor’s character is inspired by Shark and thus, his sharp edges as well as his forehead and not to mention his suit mirrors resemblance to shark.
  • The art crew of this movie travelled to Palm Springs to discover architectural inspiration for the buildings in this sequel.
  • Unfortunately, due to the death of Elizabeth Peña in October 2014, it is still unclear whether Mirage will be seen in the sequel!
  • The ‘Incredibles 2’ will feature different voice of Dash, being Huck Milner. The original Dash, ‘Spencer Fox’ is not in the list as his voice deepened to a great extent since the last movie.
  • The original title of this movie was ‘The Invincibles’.
    Scheduled to release tomorrow, book your tickets at your nearest Rajhans Cinemas and enjoy the incredible fun!

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