Men aspire to live his life, women yearn to live with him- it’s none other than the most celebrated international secret agent- Bond 007.
Since Mr. Bond’s biggest ever blockbuster Spectre has recently hit the Box office, we believe it’s going to be pretty much interesting to learn some little-known facts about 007.

  1. James Bond’s name is taken from an ornithologist 
    Very few would have given some thought to his title ‘James Bond’. Ian Fleming, Bond’s creator, specifically selected the name ‘James Bond’ only because he wanted to be as simple as possible. Mr. Fleming had an ornithology book written by Dr. James Bond, and to your surprise, he has stolen the same name for his famous spy character.
  2. A famous actor Liam Neeson rejected the role of Bond. 
    Popular for his character in the Taken series, Mr. Neeson was offered the role of Mr. Bond for ‘GoldenEye’ in 1995. But he actually turned down it only because he was not much interested in action films at that time.
  3. Roger Moore is scared of guns and rarely ran in his films. 
    Mr. Moore suffered from hoplophobia, the fear of guns since his childhood because his brother once shot him with an air rifle- ultimately causing him the apparent fear.
  4. Goldfinger was the first ever 007 flick to feature a laser beam technology 
    Bond films have been well-regarded for avant-garde technologies. You would love to know that it’s past installment Goldfinger was the first film to show laser beam technology wherein the table was cut by a bloke with a blowtorch and the beads of sweat was real in that particular film.
  5. In Thunderball, a stuntman was given away $450 bonus for his courage to jump into shark-infested pool 
    An anonymous stuntman had jumped into shark-infested pool. And quite surprisingly he uttered, “I’d have done it for half that.”
  6. The creator of Bond Ian Fleming wrote Bond novels on a gold-plated Royal typewriter 
    It can be said that there are certainly a few things in common between the writer and his character. Mr. Fleming was recruited for naval intelligence who later became assistant to Admiral John Godfrey, who is believed to have been the inspiration for the character M.
  7. So far, three Bond films have won Oscars. 
    To your surprise only three Bond films have won Oscars. These include Skyfall (for sound editing and original song), Thunderball (for visual effects) and Goldfinger (for sound effects).
  8. Barry Nelson was the first actor to play Bond 
    Although not regarded ‘canon’, Barry Nelson starred as Bond in the television-adventure Casino Royale, from 1954.
  9. Moonraker happened because of Star Wars 
    Initially, For Your Eyes Only was about to follow The Spy Who Loved Me, but then Star Wars released, and suddenly everyone was much more interested in space. And the filmmakers quickly changed whole the plans to make Moonraker- only after a deliberation with NASA regarding their first of its kind adventure.

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